Financial Services






This is a Financial Services provider that aims to provide services to small and medium scale enterprises as well as low-income households. Since inception in in 2016 Golden Knot Financial Services works with a range of customers in varying sectors, most notably civil service, agricultural sector, micro-entrepreneurs, skilled workers and unskilled workers. Currently GKFS operates using individual lending methodology.

GKFS is also involved in working with developmental partners to develop markets targeting youths, women and small holder farmers in our rural branches. This is done through special projects designed for outreach in previously untapped areas with GKFS using a business approach to reach out to these clients.

The growth strategy is to significantly expand its scope of operations, provide more market oriented and customer focused services, and maintain more creditable and sustainable operations

Why Goldenknot Financial Services?

  • Fast processing quick – Quick turnaround time for processing and payments
  • Low interest rates -  Our loans will not burden you
  • Flexible repayment schedule -  Choose from a range of repayment plans
  • Wide branch network -  We have branches in each province across the country
  • Low interest rates

How to apply for a loan?
To apply for a loan its that easy. All you need is the following

(a)  For Public Service Members or those under Salary Service Bureau SSB

  • Copy of ID
  • Current payslip
  • Proof of residence

(b)  Non SSB members

  • Copy of ID
  • Current payslip 
  • Proof of residence / letter of employment
  • Guarantor and you visit our offices

Our terms and Conditions

See attached.