Frequently Asked Questions on our
finance products & the Answers

You can view the requirements for individual loans, and SME loans on the Loan Products Page.

A guarantor is a person or party responsible for settling the loan amount in cases of defaulting. It is mandatory that guarantors sign the agreement to indicate that they agree to be accountable in such a case. 

Who can be my Guarantor?
Anyone can act as your Guarantor; it can be a family member, a friend or a work colleague, but not your spouse. Your guarantor needs to be aged 21-75, and have a good credit history.

Our loans typically take three (3) working days to process, from the date of submission. Barring any unusual circumstances, the outcome of the loan will be communicated within this timeline.

Security needed depends on amount of loan.

For personal loans your payslip is required, but for a business loan collateral such as assets and financial statements will be required as well. 

Currently, all loan disbursements are made via bank transfer

  • Loan application forms and other supporting documentation can be collected from  the Golden Knot Financial Services Offices.