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Individual Loans

Our salary-based personal loans will help you meet your additional financial needs easily! Simple Loan application

(a) For Public Service Members or those under Salary Service Bureau SSB the required documents are:
(i) a Copy of ID,
(ii) a current payslip, within the last 2 months and, (iii) Proof of residence

(b) For non-SSB members, the documents required are
(i) Copy of ID,
(ii) a current payslip, within the last 2 months,
(iii) Proof of residence / letter of employment, and
(iv) Guarantor

Individual loan

The requirements for these loans are the same as those listed in the main individual loans section.

SME Business Loans

Our celebrated SME business loans have a very quick turnaround time, and have various disbursement methods, including bank transfer and direct order financing. Simple SME Loan Requirements: (a) Application form, filled in (b) Financial statements (c) Collateral

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Very low interest rates

Our interest rates are very competitive in order to enable you to get maximum value from us.

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Our application, approval and disbursement processes are simple, transparent and stress-free.

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Once your loan application is submitted, it takes under 2 days to hear back from us.