Funeral Assurance

Golden Knot Funeral Assurance

Funeral ServicesAll of Golden Knot’s Funeral Plans guarantee that, when the time comes, all of the funeral services included in the Plan will be covered. For every budget we guarantee you a SPECIAL FUNERAL! YOUR PEACE OF MIND IS OUR PRIORITY


Dome CasketThis policy offers, a Standard Dome Casket, Full Burial Services, Bus for Mourners (dependants excluded), Grocery Allowance $250, Free Will Writing,  Free Executor Services, Video Filming, Free Catering Services

Our most comprehensive plan 

From $10 per month 


  • High Quality Dome Casket
  • Full Burial Services
  • Bus for  Mourners
  • Grocery Allowance $250
  • Free Will Writing
  • Free Video Filming                        
  • Free Catering Services
  • Free Executor Services
  • Pastor/Celebrant services

Who can join?

  • Your spouse and 6 children up to the age of 25yrs
  • Biological parents and 2 In laws
  • Unlimited number of depandants

Additional special requests can be added to the Plans at any time.