Frequently Asked Questions on Funeral Assurance and Services, and the Answers

Minimum entry age is from birth (0 years).

A dependent is any  person who is not the principal member’s immediate family member, benefiting from the policy being subscribed by them.

Someone above 75years cannot be a policyholder according to section 2 of the GKFAS policy document.

A child can be an adult dependant at 25 years see section 4 sub section (iii) GKFAS policy document.

Minimum entry age is from birth (0 years).

The limit for entry is any age above 75. Note: 75 year-olds are accepted, at special rates

A maximum of 5 children  below the age of 25 years are covered under family package. Any additional beyond this point will be treated as dependants.

  • Yes any member of your immediate family and any dependent.

You can still join, but you pay 60% of the lawyers charges and Goldenknot pays 40% for you

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