Golden Knot Insurance

Golden Knot InsuranceGolden Knot Insurance provides insurance services to its clients. The range of products offered is wide and includes; motor, house owners, householders, personal all risks, business cover.


 Full Third Party:

 Provides the basic minimum insurance cover required by the law before one can go on the public roads, basically covering pedestrians, cyclists and other users of the road against injury or death or damage to third party property, caused by the insured vehicle.

Full third party fire and theft:

This has the full benefits of the Full Third Party cover stated above, but extends to include theft of insured vehicle or its accessories and damage to the insured vehicle caused by fire only.

Comprehensive/Full Cover:

This is the widest form of cover which in addition to covers provided under Full Third Party Fire and Theft above, extends to include repair costs for damage to the insured vehicle following an accident, medical expenses up to policy limit and towing charges for the disabled vehicle.