Legal Aid

Golden Knot Legal Aid

Legal AidLife's eventualities can be so devastating with far reaching consequences. What may start as a simple matter might end up creating civil or criminal litigation, such situations are inevitable that one can never say never. In most cases when they occur one is less prepared to deal with them financially. In short we bridge the gap and ensure that every citizen’s right to legal representation as enshrined in the constitution is guaranteed.


You can visit any of our branches countrywide where you complete a form to be a member or you can get in touch with our marketing team on 0776 905 912/3

You can contact our legal advisor on 0776905908/0776905903

You visit your nearest branch or call the legal advisor on 0776905908 for legal assistance

  • You can settle it through our ecocash biller code 48623
  • You can visit your nearest branch to make cash payment


You can still join, but you pay 60% of the lawyers charges and Goldenknot pays 40% for you

It does not mature, we give double cover in the fourth year.

  • You can pay using ecocash biller code 48623
  • You can pay cash at your nearest branch
  • You can use a stop order facility (bank or employer)



Yes any member of your immediate family and any dependent. 

  • You will get legal representation when the need arises
  • you get legal advice for free
  • You get free Will writing
  • If contributions were made for 3 consecutive years nd your premiums are up to date, and no claim has been made you will enjoy double cover limit in the forth year